How to find a sugar daddy?

Posted By Admin    on August 28, 2019  

Most sugar babies want to find a sugar daddy, and many are eager to get a sugar daddies' allowance. However, the first question to consider is that you have to distinguish the true and false of a sugar daddy. Now, I will tell you a few points about how to identify if he is a real sugar daddy.
The first point. What you need to know is that a real sugar daddy is a mature man, most of them are 30-50 years old. Maybe you will say: I certainly know that men who wear famous brands and wear expensive watches are all rich people, and they can be the target of sugar daddy. Such people can indeed be one of your goals. But why can't you find a sugar daddy? Just looking at people who wear expensive clothes? Maybe you can switch the perspective. Now is the 21st century, not every rich man will show off unscrupulously. There is a saying here that I don’t know if you heard about it? "The more a person shows off, the more he lacks." If a person gets rich overnight, his property will not last long! You want to find a sugar daddy who will give you a short-term allowance. You don't have to think about whether his wealth is long-lasting. But if you are planning to find a sugar daddy who will give you a long-term allowance, a person who gets rich overnight is not your choice. I don't know if you have noticed those who wear ordinary people in high-end hotels? Although they are ordinary, they are very neat. Most of these wealthy people have their successful careers. They don't care about the appearance of the dress, more pursuit is the quality of life, such as people who are with them. Maybe it is the companionship of the sugar baby.
The second point. Talk. For the rich sugar daddy, the tone and content when communicating with others are symbols of his own identity. In today's society, if you meet a really rich sugar daddy, he usually does not immediately tell you how much he has in total, or immediately confession, maybe you want to be straightforward, he can tell you how much you can get. It is also possible to subsidize and even establish an agreement immediately. A really rich sugar daddy, his money is not what he said, but what he did. For example, he can give you more allowances, can buy more gifts for you, a luxury house that allows you to stay at any time, and allows you to drive out at any time. But if a person can only praise how rich he is, where he can take you to travel, how much allowance can you give, don't believe it. Directly doing is more real than what is said in the mouth. Except these are the things they talk to people. The rich sugar daddy mostly exchanges business-related, stock market transactions, high-end parties and so on. Looking for a sugar daddy, it is important to observe his conversation.
The third point.Behavior. Looking for a rich sugar daddy also needs to look at his behavior. If you just want to maintain a companionship relationship with Sugar Daddy and don't want to have sex, then it is important to judge his behavior when dating. When you first date, he will set the date in the wine room, I must advise you not to go. Both parties are still only in mutual understanding of whether to proceed to the next step, through his actions will decide whether to accept this arrangement. A truly rich sugar daddy will respect your thoughts. They have contacted many people and know how to get along with acute and beautiful sugar babies in the most correct way. When you say no, they will stop steadily. Of course, if you are a sugar baby who can accept appropriate secret sex, you should pay attention to whether he cares only about your body. If you ask for a lot on your first date and don't mention the allowance with you, then I suggest you think more, don't have a relationship but don't get anything.
The fourth point. Generous. Most sugar daddys are very generous, they are really generous to treat their own sugar baby, buy a diamond ring, buy a luxury car, and bring their own sugar baby to travel around the world. Every sugar baby wants to find a sugar daddy like this. But if you see a rich sugar daddy who is spending a small amount of money on something he uses, don't give up. As mentioned in the first point, the real sugar daddy is more concerned with the quality of life. For the things they use, they are more interested in whether they like it or not, rather than the price. Just like your own sugar baby, as long as you can give him a satisfactory companionship, he can give the sugar baby enough allowance or buy expensive gifts and so on.
Fifth point. Observe his car. Why do you need to observe his car? If you need a long-term subsidy arrangement, don't you worry about finding a driver who drives a luxury car? Many drivers now wear brand-name clothing. So the sugar daddy you are looking for is the boss sitting in the back of the car, not the driver in the cab. You have to know that many drivers now drive their cars to scam when their boss is free. But how do you distinguish the car from the boss or the driver? All you have to do is pay more attention to the way he left. If it is a real sugar daddy, he will have time after he has agreed with you and will leave with ease when he finally separates. Then many drivers will often drive away when they drive out on a date because of a phone call from the boss and even throw you away on your date.