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Sugar daddy

Rich but looking forward to the companionship of the sugar baby.

Sugar baby

Young women who want to change their lifes in the easiest way, including college students.

Number of members

More than two million members, thousands of new members every day.



Secret or open, depending on the parties to the agreement.


This may be the most important thing in seeking an arrangement, and an agreement must be made.

Arrangement time

One week or one year. Depends on the performance and satisfaction of both parties

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August 18




Sugar baby definition

Some girls often receive different gifts, buying a variety of expensive cosmetics and valuable clothes. They spend a lot of time to maintain their bodies, always with very attractive nails. You may have a lot of doubts about why they have such a luxurious life, and even some of their classmates have paid off their college loans in a short period. There is only one reason,read more

How to become a sugar baby?
August 10, 2019

This answer is of concern to all girls who want to become sugar babies. How to become a sugar baby? How can I live a luxurious life like them? Don't worry, then look more

How to look for sugar daddy?
August 21, 2019

Sugar daddy is the ultimate goal of a sugar baby. How to look for sugar daddy is also a question worth considering.There are three aspects that are worth more